• I will do it here.

    1. Dynaball!

    2. I think I would be valuable because I am a usually active Guy and I treat people fairly as possible.I am a hard worker and I can Take Orders.I am usually on about 9 hours a day,Checking in and out,Which I spend my most time on the Wiki's.Also I can do some Good Art for the wiki,Look at My Profile Page To see if you like my art.But Anyway,Those Are some reasons I could be of use.

    3. Yes,Plenty enough I assume.

    4. I would like to start Hightening The Activity on the wiki a lot more,Maybe once a day.I would also Like to start Expanding into the rules and what kinds of Countryballs we will allow to be created.One Thing I would like to get rid of is The Staff team list page and the polandball wki link Page,Because we can put those on the home Page so it is easier to get to.

    5. I, Dynaball, promise not to troll, damage, or harm this wiki in any way.

    I hope you consider File:Dynaball-Fun.gif

    File:Dynaball-Fun.gif 00:21, May 28, 2017 (UTC)


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